TP124 – Three Studies; 9 Observations

  • Jun 19, 2019

TP124 – Three Studies; 9 Observations

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In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss three digital studies – the 2019 Mary Meeker Internet Trends Study, The 2019 Social Habit Study (by Edison) and the 2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Study. From the rise of mobile, the on-demand economy, trends in social media usage and health system and agency digital marketing team size and structure, the hosts share their takeaways on how organizations need to adapt their digital strategies. They are joined by Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer of Geonetric, in which he shares his perspective and major takeaways from their latest study.  

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Chris Boyer

Director, Digital Strategy & Analytics, M Health/Fairview Health. Principal, @chrisboyer LLC. Co-host

Reed Smith

VP @jarrardinc, Advisor @MayoClinic Social Media Network and @SXSW Health & MedTech. @SocialHealthIns and @tpmnetwork founder