Healthcare Vendors – a Conversation with Brian Gresh, President of Loyal

Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
Healthcare Vendors – a Conversation with Brian Gresh, President of Loyal

As the coronavirus is rapidly changing the way hospitals must interact with their patients and customers, at the same time the relationship between the health system and their partners is also undergoing a dramatic shift. With health care organizations facing shrinking budgets and a scrutiny on their investments into technology, agencies and consultancies, the pressure for vendors to strengthen their relationship with and value to their hospital clients is paramount.  Are healthcare technology vendors ready to evolve to meet these new demands?

I speak with Brian Gresh, President of Loyal. As a healthcare marketing executive with over twenty years of experience, Brian has solved marketing challenges by leveraging emerging technologies and putting user experience first. Prior to working at Loyal, Brian was the Executive Director of Digital & Content Marketing at Cleveland Clinic, and also pioneered the implementation of digital solutions at the University of Utah Healthcare in his role as the Senior Director of Interactive Marketing & Web.

Listen in as we discuss the challenges a healthcare vendor faces in a post-COVID19 world.

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