TP383 – Does Consumerism Drive Disruption?

Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
TP383 - Does Consumerism Drive Disruption?

In the second of a two episode arc on innovation and disruption, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss how consumerism is driving changes in the healthcare industry and how Big Tech to retail healthcare entities are changing the landscape. Then, Danny Fell, Senior Vice President of Healthcare at BVK, joins the show to share his perspective on disruption and the trends shaping our industry. 

Mentions from the show: 

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Reed Smith

VP @jarrardinc, Advisor @MayoClinic Social Media Network and @SXSW Health & MedTech. @SocialHealthIns and @tpmnetwork founder

Chris Boyer

Principal, @chrisboyer LLC  Using digital marketing, experience and UCD/CX to transform healthcare. Co-host of the touch point podcast and founder of the Touch Point Media network.