Wendy Morgan, Founder & CEO, Shift

  • Apr 14, 2021
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
Wendy Morgan, Founder & CEO, Shift

Wendy Morgan and Bonnie discuss using virtual reality to improve student outcomes in nursing and other health care disciplines and how this technology can provide scenario-based, implicit bias training.

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Bonnie Clipper

Dr. Bonnie Clipper is a top nurse influencer, innovation evangelist, accomplished health care executive, coach, and international speaker. She is a former chief nurse executive with 20 years of expertise in building cultures of innovation, improving employee engagement, and improving the patient experience. She was co-author of The Innovation Roadmap: A Nurse Leader’s Guide and was the lead author of the International Best-Selling book, The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation.  She was the first Vice President of Innovation at the American Nurses Association, where she created the ANA’s innovation framework and is currently the chief clinical officer at Wambi, a health tech company.