Victor Reiss on Creating Data-Driven Vaccine Communications at UNC Health

  • Feb 26, 2021
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
Victor Reiss on Creating Data-Driven Vaccine Communications at UNC Health

“We will not be satisfied until we have moved those who are vaccine hesitant to being ready and willing.” That conviction is the driving force for Victor Reiss and his team at UNC Healthcare. We spoke with the System VP of Consumerism and Insights about how he’s helping match vaccine-related messaging with the right audience segments, including what he calls the untapped markets of Black and LatinX populations who often experience lack of equitable opportunity and access.

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Eric Silberman

President at True North Custom

For nearly 20 years, Eric Silberman has been guiding healthcare organizations across the country toward effective marketing strategies. He has particular expertise in marketing strategies leveraging data analytics and marketing technology to drive patient engagement and acquisition. He serves as Executive Editor for Healthcare Insight magazine — a publication that reaches virtually every healthcare strategy and marketing professional in America — and is a frequent speaker at industry events, including the annual SHSMD, Hospital Marketing National, and Healthcare Internet conferences.

Jane Crosby

VP of Strategy and Business Development at True North Custom

As a strategy lead for True North Custom, Jane coordinates with healthcare partners to generate and implement strategies for building brand, increasing patient and referral revenue and optimizing marketing technology outcomes. Formerly with Medicom Health Interactive, Jane has extensive experience in data-driven and digital marketing strategies that drive brand and revenue growth for healthcare organizations. She earned a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration from the University of Minnesota Duluth.