TP7 – Digital Team Structure

  • Mar 22, 2017
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
TP7 - Digital Team Structure

Welcome to touch•point: a podcast dedicated to discussions on digital marketing and online patient engagement strategies for hospitals, health systems, and physicians practices. In this show, we plan to dive deep into a variety of topics on the digital tools, solutions, strategies and processes that are impacting our industry today.

In Episode 7, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyediscuss the structure and role of a digital team in a hospital or health system, including the responsibilities that a digital team should have and best-practices in staffing. They face off in a two-sided discussion on whether digital should be integrated or separated as a department. The episode also features an interview with Jared Johnson on how Phoenix Children’s Hospital is structuring their digital team to meet clinical, marketing and patient experience needs.

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Reed Smith

VP @jarrardinc, Advisor @MayoClinic Social Media Network and @SXSW Health & MedTech. @SocialHealthIns and @tpmnetwork founder

Chris Boyer

Principal, @chrisboyer LLC  Using digital marketing, experience and UCD/CX to transform healthcare. Co-host of the touch point podcast and founder of the Touch Point Media network.