TP1 – Customer Journey Mapping

  • Feb 5, 2017
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
TP1 - Customer Journey Mapping

The Touchpoint Podcast is dedicated to in-depth, topical discussions on hospital and health system digital marketing and digital patient engagement strategies. Hosted by Reed Smith and Chris Boyer, we will cover trends in technology, processes, and approaches that are impacting hospital systems.

In the inaugural episode of the Touchpoint Podcast, Reed and Chris dive into the topic of Customer Journey Mapping and its impact on hospitals and health systems. The high-level concept is not new to healthcare, but it is commonly addressed in siloed efforts known as Patient Experience Mapping (in a non-digital way) and User Experience (particularly related to websites). The hosts map out the framework of the Customer Value Experience Chain, including critical building blocks and activities that organizations should consider when mapping the online patient journey. Then they face-off in a “Touchpoint/Touch-Counterpoint” argument on the feasibility of journey mapping.

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Reed Smith

VP @jarrardinc, Advisor @MayoClinic Social Media Network and @SXSW Health & MedTech. @SocialHealthIns and @tpmnetwork founder

Chris Boyer

Principal, @chrisboyer LLC  Using digital marketing, experience and UCD/CX to transform healthcare. Co-host of the touch point podcast and founder of the Touch Point Media network.