“The change has been staggering”: Digital transformation during COVID-19

  • Apr 28, 2021
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
"The change has been staggering": Digital transformation during COVID-19

You could argue that AVIA exists for a moment like this. COVID-19 brought about a sea change in healthcare. After years of slow adoption, tools like telehealth saw exponential growth in days. The way health systems thought about delivering care changed out of necessity. It has been incredibly difficult on many levels, yet it has also opened up a massive opportunity for healthcare to shift into a new way of fulfilling its mission. This is where AVIA comes in. AVIA serves as a transformation partner for healthcare providers. They focus on driving capabilities that use digital tools to scale and advance care in new ways. And so, when it came time to understand what’s going on with the digitization of healthcare in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, AVIA was the obvious place to go. Here, Jarrard Inc. partner Molly Cate speaks with AVIA president Linda Finkel and executive vice president Cynthia Perazzo about telehealth, healthcare delivery, digital tools and more.

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