TCH9 – DNA Testing for Athletes – My Fit Key

  • Oct 3, 2019

TCH9 – DNA Testing for Athletes – My Fit Key

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Today’s Guest:  Fritz Gartner | President | My Fit Key

Health care sees daily advances as researchers continue their march to make even clearer what we already know about the human genome. The result to date is a burgeoning industry in the incipient stages of growth with the potential of blooming into a major retail consumer industry. Just what will consumers do with the data given to them about their genome? That’s the mission of My Fit Key, which is catering its product to a sector of the economy that has the potential to do the most with it — athletes. But to target a niche audience can be dangerous, and that’s why their goal is to focus on the executive athlete whose spending habits on their weekend warrior habit is a multimillion dollar industry. In a 2016 study, conducted by USA Triathlon of its members, the average annual expense on triathlon is about $3,500 among participants that also reported approximately $120,000 in annual income.  Still, others report spending about $100,000 on a single Kona Ironman race. That’s where My Fit Key hopes to make its mark with executive athletes who look — and spend — deeply to determine how to make the most of their bodies.

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