TCH21 – Increasing Efficiencies in Behavioral Health Through Tech

Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
TCH21 - Increasing Efficiencies in Behavioral Health Through Tech

It’s easy to say health care’s efficiency woes should and could be improved by technology. It’s another thing to do it.

With EMR inefficiency and the general barriers they represent to tech teams in health systems, it’s a wonder any new health care technology makes its way into the the forefront. It certainly helps slow the process.

More often, though, we see players with solutions that occur outside the EMR, and when they do, they are often met with skepticism and additional scrutiny. When that hurdle is crossed, we see the acquisition process move at a much higher speed. So when XFERALL made its way into the forefront, its adoption began moving quickly to help clinicians identify available bed space in facilities offering services patients need. For those in the health care industry, we know that not all hospitals provide the same services. So when a hospital has patients with specific needs — such as behavioral health — the process of facilitating a transfer starts with clinicians searching for available beds in nearby behavioral health facilities. That’s where XFERALL began making its mark.

Today, medical transfers occur on their platform as well. This episode features Shana Palmieri, co-founder and chief clinical officer of XFERALL. A licensed clinical social worker, Shana and her team devised a system that works on a smartphone or tablet app and helps quickly facilitate patient transfers between providers. The effects of this efficiency resonate throughout the community, providing better responses and processes for law enforcement who often manage transport of behavioral health patients.

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Lance Lunsford

Lance Lunsford, MBA, is a senior partner at GroundSwell Health, a healthcare communications and marketing consulting group, based in Austin, Texas. Lunsford is a former journalist and has served in leadership roles at health systems and the country’s largest state hospital association.