PATIENT EXPERIENCE – Frantic flu season and coronavirus panic

  • Feb 3, 2020

PATIENT EXPERIENCE – Frantic flu season and coronavirus panic

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Some hospitals look like disaster zones during this year’s historically serious flu season.

And now the US is bracing for the potential threat of coronavirus, generating significant fear (and, it seems, somewhat masking the news about the flu).

Behind the scenes and away from the media buzz, many providers are taking drastic measures to handle increased patient loads and prevent the flu virus from spreading within their clinics and hospitals. And they are creating plans to prepare for and respond to a coronavirus outbreak. Visitor restrictions, security checks at entrances, all-caps warning signs, mandates to wear protective masks and even tents or makeshift intake areas are common.

While these precautions are essential, we believe you can still deliver a great experience, even in the midst one of the worst flu seasons in decades. Here are nine ideas you can implement today that will help prevent the flu from spreading, keep employees motivated, mitigate fear and build trust among patients and members of your community. In addition, these communications tips can be adapted if and when your organization faces other frightening and highly communicable diseases such as coronavirus.

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