KIM & TIM: This Isn’t a Church Potluck

  • Jan 30, 2021
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
KIM & TIM: This Isn't a Church Potluck

Sometimes the title of a podcast picks itself. Today, our two favorite outspoken insiders, Kim Fox, and Tim Stewart, take on the vaccine rollout. It’s been rocky, and there’s plenty of blame to go around, but there’s still time for hospitals, health systems and other healthcare providers to swerve around the potholes.

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David Shifrin

A Left-handed PhD working in a world of right-handed MDs, David is the editorial manager at Jarrard Phillips Cate and Hancock. With over a decade of experience in research, writing and content development, he specializes in curating ideas and making technical concepts accessible to broad audiences. In short, Shifrin helps thought leaders move past jargon to present core messages in a meaningful way.