J|INSIGHTS – J.P. Morgan recap with Anne Hancock Toomey

  • Jan 21, 2020

J|INSIGHTS – J.P. Morgan recap with Anne Hancock Toomey

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Founding partner and chief development officer Anne Hancock Toomey spent most of last week in San Francisco at the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. And, like most of the 50,000 healthcare executives in town, she never set foot in the Westin for the actual conference. Instead, she spent 16-hour days traversing the hills of San Francisco to meet with those who are otherwise busy delivering superior healthcare, disrupting an antiquated model or financing and advising those in either of the former groups. It was exhilarating (and, yes, exhausting) to break bread with some of the brightest minds in healthcare.

In nearly every conversation, she asked healthcare executives the same question:

In 2020, what’s one offensive move health systems and providers should make and what’s one defensive move they must make given the headwinds and call for transformation in the industry?

Their feedback grouped nicely into a handful of themes: taking cost out of the system, focusing on the consumer experience, forging smart partnerships upstream and down and scale, scale, scale.

Here, Hancock Toomey and CEO David Jarrard discuss what she heard.

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David Shifrin

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