INSIGHT – Healthcare marketing and online trends in 2020

  • Jan 28, 2020

INSIGHT – Healthcare marketing and online trends in 2020

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Healthcare marketers have the tools they need. We’re neck-deep in tools. 2020 is not the year of more tools.

Instead, it’s the year of finally using tools the right way and connecting them to the bigger goal – not just taking them out for a spin and running test campaigns divorced from what our organizations are trying to accomplish.

We see five areas where digital healthcare marketing needs to look at this year. As the year goes on, we’ll dig in and focus on specific tactics and best practices for each.

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David Shifrin

A Left-handed PhD working in a world of right-handed MDs, David is the editorial manager at Jarrard Phillips Cate and Hancock. With over a decade of experience in research, writing and content development, he specializes in curating ideas and making technical concepts accessible to broad audiences. In short, Shifrin helps thought leaders move past jargon to present core messages in a meaningful way.