Hospitals under scrutiny: What’s happening

  • Jan 13, 2020

Hospitals under scrutiny: What’s happening

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It’s become apparent over the past few months that the perception of hospitals and healthcare providers as a whole has changed. Even in the last couple of weeks, numerous stories have appeared in the media placing healthcare providers under new levels of scrutiny – and appropriately so. On top of that, it’s a presidential election year, adding an additional layer of pressure. Our CEO, David Jarrard, thinks that this trend will only increase in 2020. What is going on and how should healthcare leaders respond? Glad you asked…

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David Shifrin

A Left-handed PhD working in a world of right-handed MDs, David is the editorial manager at Jarrard Phillips Cate and Hancock. With over a decade of experience in research, writing and content development, he specializes in curating ideas and making technical concepts accessible to broad audiences. In short, Shifrin helps thought leaders move past jargon to present core messages in a meaningful way.