Failing to Summit with Cleveland Clinic CIO, Ed Marx

  • Sep 5, 2019
Touch Point Podcast
Failing to Summit with Cleveland Clinic CIO, Ed Marx

In this episode of Health Fail, Michelle & Zac sit down with Award Winning CIO of the Year and current CIO of the Cleveland Clinic, Ed Marx.

Ed shares some of the many lessons he has learned from various personal and professional failures, including a failed marriage – and his failure to climb “only” three of the world’s Seven Summits. Ed also discusses his professional journey and how the evolution of his healthcare career from hospital janitor to CIO of one of the country’s leading healthcare systems.  


  1. Voices of Innovation: Fulfilling the Promise of Information Technology in Healthcare – by Edward W. Marx
  2. Extraordinary Tales From a Rather Ordinary Guy – by Ed Marx


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Zac Jiwa

Zac Jiwa

Zac is passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives by changing the landscape of the U.S. healthcare marketplace as we know it. He is well-versed in the healthcare marketplace and is a technology visionary with broad experience in business operations.

Michelle Noteboom

Michele Senior Content and Account Director at Amendola Communications and specializes in healthcare IT public relations, strategy, writing, editing, media relations, and marketing communications.