Employer Self-funded Healthcare and Solving the Care Access Crisis

Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
Employer Self-funded Healthcare and Solving the Care Access Crisis

In this episode, we speak with Rob Andrews, CEO of Health Transformation Alliance. A former member of Congress who was one of the authors of the Affordable Care Act, Rob now works with more than 60 of the largest US companies to help recreate a “Marcus Welby” approach to healthcare that centers patient needs rather than insurance company priorities.

We discuss why self-insurance (where the risk of healthcare coverage is shifted from insurance companies to employers) is a key component of fixing the healthcare system, why providers should be paid on the basis of patient outcomes and how racial disparities create inequities in healthcare coverage. Rob also shares his vision for a healthcare model that emphasizes convenience and accessibility for patients while saving money for employers.

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Amy Shepherd

Amy is a seasoned marketer and communications strategist with experience in both the private and non-profit sectors. Amy spent the first part of her career working with global brands, including Abbott Labs, Boston Scientific, and Stryker Corporation, and others. She currently serves as Founder of Artemis Communications – a marketing, communications, and PR consultancy specializing in the life sciences industry.

Julie Dye

Julie is the owner of Marketing Dx, a consultancy that provides marketing communication services for organizations in the healthcare ecosystem – industry, insurers, providers – and other companies changing the world through science and innovation. She has a passion for medical devices and women’s health areas. Through the years, she led corporate communication, Marcom and PR programs for Abbott, Medtronic, Bayer, HP, and other emerging companies.