COVID-19 and Tracking the Public Health

  • May 17, 2020
Touch Point Podcast
COVID-19 and Tracking the Public Health

Collective Medical has been a player in tracking patients safely to improve care for years, but their emergence exploded amid the national effort to stop opioid abuse. Now, their model is seen as a major opportunity in the COVID-19 outbreak with their COVID-19 functionality being offered at no charge for all existing organizations on the Collective Medical network. The functionality leverages data from all 50 states, advanced patient matching, and real-time communication within provider workflows for better care and response.

With talk with Collective Medical CEO Chris Klomp on his experience bringing Collective Medical from an Excel spreadsheet developed by a social worker to where it is today as a foremost technology helping hospitals and their extended clinical networks examine patient behaviors and deliver interventions to improve outcomes.

More information on Collective Medical’s work on COVID-19 for hospitals is available at:

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Lance Lunsford

Lance Lunsford, MBA, is a senior partner at GroundSwell Health, a healthcare communications and marketing consulting group, based in Austin, Texas. Lunsford is a former journalist and has served in leadership roles at health systems and the country’s largest state hospital association.