Apple & Amazon’s Healthcare Moves

Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
Apple & Amazon's Healthcare Moves

Two of the biggest companies on the planet have made some moves in healthcare this week – Apple released an information paper summarizing some of their accomplishments in health, fitness, medicine and research. And Amazon bought One Medical. Can tech giants save US Healthcare? Nick and Sudipto analyze, speculate, and issue some bold predictions.

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Sudipto Srivastava

Sudipto Srivastava is a digital health enthusiast whose career has been dedicated to delivering practical innovations in healthcare. He has worked for leading healthcare organizations in New York City, giving him an insider’s perspective while exposing him to a hotbed of innovative startups. Whether it’s AI or telemedicine or remote monitoring, he has kept the pulse on the disruptive innovation streaming through healthcare.

Dr. Nicholas Genes

Dr. Nicholas Genes is an emergency physician and clinical informaticist – he’s implemented EHRs, developed mHealth apps, and led telemedicine initiatives. From his role in IT leadership at a large urban academic medical center, he remains an enthusiastic believer in the potential for technology to improve patient care and safety, while making staff more efficient. Over the years, though, he’s also seen the toll of unintended consequences, and has developed a healthy skepticism toward rosy pitch decks or sweeping policy initiatives.