062 – [TheDigital.Church] Sewing Masks for Healthcare Workers

Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
062 - [TheDigital.Church] Sewing Masks for Healthcare Workers

Acts 1:11 – Why do you stand here looking into the sky?”

Betsey Matheny of Boulevard Baptist Church decided to no longer and “stand there staring;” she decided to do something and help the healthcare workers in Anderson, SC. So, she organized a group of women to sew masks for AnMed Health’s healthcare workers. This began as a simple initiative, but over time as AnMed Health engaged the community; they met their goal of 8,000 masks. It is because of this wonderful community here in Anderson came together to sew masks.

This story is about community, faith, and a commitment to helping each other. This story will feature interviews with Betsey Matheny of Boulevard Baptist Church, Tim Self of AnMed Health Foundation, and Ila Tribble of Boulevard Baptist Church.


AnMed Health – Anderson, SC – https://anmedhealth.org

Boulevard Baptist Church – Anderson, SC – https://www.boulevardbaptist.com

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