057: Recidivism Series Part 2 – What is a CJCC?

  • Mar 9, 2020

057: Recidivism Series Part 2 – What is a CJCC?

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What is CJCC? Well, CJCC is an acronym for Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and Anderson County establish the second of it’s kind in South Carolina behind Charleston County. What does that have to do with recidivism? Anderson County was advised to create a CJCC and begin the process of criminal justice reform before starting the process of building a new jail. Why? Because the Anderson County Detention Center is grossly over crowded. Part two of Intersections exploration of recidivism in Anderson County South Carolina. Let’s continue Dave Phillips story, curator of the Anderson County Community Resource Guide.


Anderson County CJCC: https://www.andersoncountysc.org/criminal-justice-coordinating-council

Charleston County CJCC: https://cjcc.charlestoncounty.org/

Anderson County Resource Guide: https://myresourceguide.org/

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