053: Carla Boyd: From The Heart

  • Dec 16, 2019
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
053: Carla Boyd: From The Heart

Carla Boyd, the mother of former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, has written a book called ‘From the Heart of Momma Boyd.’ The book takes us back to the days before Tajh was a household name and what it was like to be the mother of an All-American quarterback at a major university.

When you meat Mrs. Boyd, you immediately want to call her “Momma”; because she is just exactly that, a mom to many. From those very moments as a teenage in high school, having a child and fighting cancer; she has vowed to create a better home life for her children than she experience. And she did more than that, she followed her son to Clemson and became a mom to a football team.

There are not enough voices of division one mom’s sharing their stories in the mainstream media outlets. We could learn a lot from sitting and having a conversation with these strong women. They could change the way we look and view at each son or daughter whom compete at the highest level in college athletics. I am thankful I spent some time with Momma Boyd.

Where to buy ‘From The Heart of Momma Boyd: The Mother of All American Quarterback Tajh Boyd’

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