052: Jordan Scott: Forage – Searching Widely

  • Dec 2, 2019
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
052: Jordan Scott: Forage - Searching Widely

Jordan Scott, florist, small business owner, lover of all people and their stories, committed to small business in downtown Anderson, SC; and yet she is not a United States Citizen. Jordan Scott came to the United States from Australia not for business or the American Dream, she came her following her faith in Jesus Christ and her new husband as the began their life together.

She owns a beautiful florist shop in one of the most southern towns in South Carolina, Anderson. She has grown to love the people, grow a business and yet her heart might be elsewhere, serving people in other regions of the world. She knows Anderson, SC will be her home but is called to a great purpose beyond the idea of American Nationalism and Capitalism.

As she navigates her Immigrant VISA for Spouse(s) and Fiancée(s), she is torn with the requirement of never leaving this domestic soil for close to 8 years and serving the poor internationally. Coming to the United States is more that a better life for people economically, it is also for people seeking a place they can call home and to serve. I wonder if our supply chain lifestyle here in the United States blinds us from those who seek a place just to serve one another.


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