047: Urbanization and SDOH – Brittany’s Story

  • Jun 3, 2019

047: Urbanization and SDOH – Brittany’s Story

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Meet Brittany, mother of Lily, single mom, healthcare worker, and a woman who spent years looking for affordable housing for her family. For many years I have been studying, documenting, and telling stories surrounding access to healthcare. The more stories I tell, the more people I meet, the more I realize access is a uniform word, a consistent word that is popping up over and over.

Access for this population of people, families, individuals is bigger that just health care. So many individuals need access to affordable health care, affordable insurance, and affordable housing. I am talking about urbanization and the many social determinants of health.

The upstream determinants of healthy urbanization include: stimulation of job creation, land tenure and land use policy, transportation, sustainable urban development, social protection, settlement policies and strategies, community empowerment, vulnerability reduction and better security among others.

Stable and affordable housing was a barrier for Brittany and Lily. One that brought many stressed to her family and it all started with one healthcare situation, Lily’s seizure that changed everything. This is Britany’s story, a story of challenges and opportunities, but a story that connects the idea of urbanization, access to affordable housing, access to quality healthcare, and a growing region of South Carolina that is trying to rethink growth.

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