045: The Greatest Gift – Linda Rettew

  • May 13, 2019

045: The Greatest Gift – Linda Rettew

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What is the intersection of nursing and mother’s day? Well, her name is Linda Bridwell Rettew and she is a nurse practitioner, mother, wife, grandmother, caregiver, and an all-around great person.

My life has been surrounded by medicine, from the earliest days of my childhood, I have memories waiting for mom in doctor’s offices, emergency departments, waiting rooms; sleeping overnight in a vacant rooms while mom pulled a night shift. Her career put food on the table, clothes on my back, money in my pocket, and values into my soul.

This mother’s day comes at the tail end of nurse appreciation week. What better way to celebrate our appreciation for the one nurse that taught me how to fix a cut, clean a wound, work hard, and to be a good man.

She is a nurse, a nurse in South Carolina. But she is more than a nurse…she is my mother. And I not only have to share her with my sister, but my children, all the other grandchildren, players on the sidelines of a Clemson Football game, and majority of four counties in the Upstate of South Carolina. She is a nurse, she is a caregiver, and I believe she is South Carolina’s mother of the year!

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