043: Albinism & Ruth’s Story – Andrea Kinghorn Busby

  • Apr 29, 2019
Touch Point Podcast
043: Albinism & Ruth’s Story - Andrea Kinghorn Busby

All you have to do is Google Andrea Kinghorn Busby and you will realize she is one smart lady. She is a doctoral student in Northwestern University’s Human Development and Social Policy Program and a fellow through the Multidisciplinary Program in Education Sciences Training Program. Her research focuses on using ecological frameworks to understand the intersection of home and school environments and their impacts on children’s development, especially among families from low-income, immigrant, or ethnic-minority backgrounds.

Andrea is also a mother, a mother to a child who has a very special disability. Her daughter Ruth is albino and this genetic trait impacts more that her skin pigmentation…it impacts what she can see.

What we see is the unique intersection in this story. What we see is Andrea and Ruth look completely different and Ruth requires special attention during this critical time in her life. This special attention created barriers for Andrea to find specialized child care after relocating to the Anderson and Clemson area of South Carolina.

Andrea’s research combined with her child’s differing abilities has done more than empowered this mother to advocate for the best possible care for her child. It has literally opened eyes to how one child care facility called DCEC is creating space for something special to happen…Ruth’s development has exploded. Here is their story!

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