003: Becky Callaham – Leveraging the Domestic Violence Story

  • Jul 30, 2018
Touch Point Podcast
Touch Point Podcast
003: Becky Callaham - Leveraging the Domestic Violence Story

Becky Callaham is the executive director of Safe Harbor, a domestic violence organization that serves the upstate of South Carolina. Safe Harbor’s mission is to provide a continuum of services for victims of domestic violence and their children, as well as to eliminate the cultural acceptance of domestic violence through prevention, education and a coordinated community response.

I met Becky early 2011 as Safe Harbor began embarking on a new journey; to tell their story and the many stories of domestic violence survivors. In that same year of 2011, South Carolina had the highest rate of women murdered by men in the US, more than double the national average. In 2012, it had the second highest rate of women murdered by men; 71% of women killed by men in South Carolina were killed with a gun. On a single day in 2014, South Carolina domestic violence programs served 390 victims and  domestic violence hotlines receive approximately 21,000 calls, an average of close to 15 calls every minute.

It was time to tell Safe Harbor’s story; not only survivor stories but also stories showcasing how Safe Harbor is truly impacting their community. There were interesting intersection emerging time and time again. What are the ethics associated with leveraging stories of domestic violence survivors as a means to fundraise; specifically in-order to expand services in the upstate of South Carolina. A conversation we continually examined and discussed during our time working together, a conversation that encouraged us to continue capturing and telling more and more stories.

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