026: Walking Humbly

  • Dec 31, 2018

026: Walking Humbly

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Ministering at the corner of Boulevard and the world is a big statement for a church that has a congregation of roughly 500 people in Anderson, SC. Ellen Sechrest truly believes in this statement fundamentally and each day seeks more missional ways to carry out that goal at Boulevard Baptist Church.

As Anderson, SC continues to see exceptional growth from the Hispanic/Latino populations, she has been seeking new ways to be a better neighbor. So she found herself drawn to McAllen, Texas to learn more about immigration, migration, and how she can better educate her congregation in Anderson, SC. What she found was a bigger missional calling.

On her second trip to the Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Center downtown McAllen, Texas…she has found a missional calling to engage in more intentional ways to serve these populations. But what she found on this second trip, is the need is increasing. She continues to carry out that mission, to minister at the corner of Boulevard and the world.


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