TP107 – The State of Digital Marketing for Hospitals

  • Feb 20, 2019

TP107 – The State of Digital Marketing for Hospitals

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n this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer dive into the the latest study from Greystone/Klein Partners:”The 4th Annual State of Digital Marketing for Hospitals,” an annual survey or more than 200 healthcare marketers and digital professionals from various healthcare organizations. From websites, social media and CRM, the hosts discuss their perspective on how digital has evolved over the years and their analysis on why certain digital strategies are gaining momentum and others might be failing. They are joined by Mike Schneider, partner at Greystone in which he shares the history behind this annual study and how organizations can participate in the future.

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Chris Boyer

Chris Boyer

Digital strategist for health care/health systems. Principal, @chrisboyer LLC. Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Platinum Fellow. Co-host:

Reed Smith

Digital Tech Consultant to Hospitals & Healthcare Orgs. Advisor @MayoClinic Social Media Network and @SXSW Health & MedTech. @SocialHealthIns Founder