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On Air Advertising

Sponsors on our shows have the ability to choose from :30 pre-roll and mid-roll along with :15 post-roll ads in each recorded episode. Pre-roll and mid-roll spots are “live reads” to allow for expanded messaging and align with the tone of individual brands. Post-roll spots are brand provided audio that is played without hosts involvement.

Website Advertising

Want to supplement your show advertising/sponsorship with advertising on our website? Contact us to learn how we can feature your ad on our site.

Branded & Custom Content

Let’s face it: podcasting is one of the most engaging ways to develop content marketing for your organization. At Touch•Point Media, we have the ability to partner with brands/organizations to craft custom podcast episodes and shows. our experts have years of experience in the industry and can work with you to create a unique, custom show that you could use to engage – and convert – prospects into customers. Contact us for a consultation today.

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Why are you waiting? Contact us so we can begin helping you craft the right sponsorship approach for your organization.: