Touch Point Media


Welcome to touch•point, a podcast dedicated to discussions on digital marketing and online patient engagement strategies for hospitals, health systems, and physicians practices. In each episode, we dive deep into a variety of topics on the digital tools, solutions, strategies and processes that are impacting the healthcare industry today.

Podcast Hosts

Chris Boyer, co-host of the touch•point podcast, is a digital marketing and digital patient experience consultant, focused on helping organizations transform to become both digital and patient/customer first. He has worked with hospitals, health systems, physician practices, healthcare technology and health services companies on their digital marketing, communications and operational strategies, Chris applies his more than ten years experience working for hospitals and health systems in New York and Washington, DC, where he led digital teams to implement effective social media, website, CRM, analytics and other digital strategies. Plus, he plays the ukulele and regularly sings songs at conferences on ROI.

Chris is founder and principal of @chrisboyer LLC, and is a founding and platinum advisory member for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.

Reed SmithReed Smith, co-host of the touch•point podcast, is a consulting strategist and thought leader focused on the integration of social computing into large organizations. Much of his work focuses on incorporating interactive elements into current online strategies within hospitals and healthcare organizations. Reed’s hospital experience includes time as a hospital marketing director and overseeing product development for the Texas Hospital Association where he created a social media guide for hospitals, assembling best practices and case studies from organizations across the country, that is now offered by many of the state hospital associations.

Reed is the founder & president of the Social Health Institute and THA Digital Marketing. In addition, Reed also serves as the Chief Strategist for Gray Digital Group as well a founding advisory board member for both the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, and the health & wellness track at the SXSW® Interactive festival.